How to Choose the Perfect Printed Sticky Notepad

19 Jan

Printing Sticky Notepads is all about customizing your business identity with custom sticky notepads. With your choice of color, shape and number of pad per piece. Print your custom message across each sheet in full color and select from any Pantone matched color background. Also available in any shape assisting your company logo to really pop out from the environment.

Available in Pink, Blue, Yellow, Green, and Metallic Black. Choose from any of the colors mentioned above. Metallic Black, a metallic shade of gray, is used in printing sticky notepads for business use. This is also used in printing business cards.
Printed  custom dome stickers with approximating product information and prices is a wonderful way to announce special offers, sales, and other events. 

Simply print on one side of the pad how-to-use instructions, approximate start time, approx finish time, and where to find additional information. This is an easy way to announce specials and encourage customer awareness. These printed sticky notepads approximating product information and prices can be bought in any preferred color available in yellow, black, blue, green, pink, orange, and Metallic Black.

Picking a material paper for a printed sticky notepad could be challenging. We are engaged in providing a qualitative range of customized plain sticky notepads, letterheads, envelopes, and product packaging typepacks. We can assist you in choosing the best material to suit your business needs. The two main options are plastic or paper. Plastic material is a good choice if you need a heavy-duty pad since it is more durable. It is also great if you want to make sure that your message is displayed for a long time.

Paper size is another important consideration. The best pad should be big enough to accommodate your handwriting. The thickness of the paper size is also a factor. A thicker paper size is better if you need to print something on it like an invitation or an invoice. Your choices of pad sizes include: tri-fold, double-fold, four-sided pocket, tri-fold plus pad, and standard single-fold pad. All these styles come in a variety of colors and are generally machine-washable.  Click this page here for more info about printing now. 

When choosing a printed sticky notepad, we suggest that you consider your branding area. This is an area that should encompass the full width of the pad so that you have a complete coverage of the promotional message, contact details, logo, etc. The printing process involves UV coating, lamination, and heat printing. You can choose an eco friendly printer for your packaging because they use fewer chemicals. We strongly recommend that you work with a high quality printer who has industry experience and excellent customer service. Read more about label here:

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