Using PPM (Printed Packing Tape) With Custom Packaging

19 Jan

The perfect method to brand individual boxes you're shipping to customers is with printed packing tape. Available in either clear or white, high-quality custom packaging tape has an air-tight adhesive that securely attaches to almost any smooth surface and safely seals your packages with a high-temperature, high-pressure foil coating. Order Water Activated Packing Tape from the links below.  Discover more about sti2it lables and packing tape here:

You've probably seen it on display at a nearby Wal-Mart, Best Buy or Circuit City. It's a popular packaging tool used by companies to brand their own boxes or bags and deliver them to your customer without anyone having to actually open the box. But what's the secret to the success behind this product? We asked one of the company founders for his secret and he provided the following explanation.

"A lot of people don't care about the aesthetics of a box. The fact of the matter is PPM tape works! Our printed packing tape makes people care. If a customer opens your box and looks at the packing tape and says, "Why is this box so big?" The simple answer is the company logo and/or name printed on the back of the tape.

The key to successful PPM branding lies in using your custom packaging tape artwork correctly. For example, an attractive, colorful ink color works best on a white box. Conversely, dark ink colors work best with brown boxes. Be sure to experiment with different ink colors until you find one that works well on your product.

When ordering your custom printed Taping, be sure to order your rolls of tape in enough quantity to cover the full width of the box. After all, you want enough artwork for each side of the box. You can place one piece of artwork on each side of the box per side, but two pieces will make the artwork seem too busy. Also, make sure you use high quality, polypropylene ink colors that will provide vivid images. Learn more about printed sticky notepads as a way of marketing your products.

There are many options for custom printed tape in the form of double sided tapes and rolls. These options can be printed with your logo or company name, and even with different types of artwork. Many companies even create a tri-fold tape to create appealing monthly inserts for their packaging materials. With so many different packaging and printing options available, there's no reason not to use PPM, or printed Taping, for your next product. Explore more about printing here:

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